Friday, December 30, 2011

hair how to: too mod

This updo is one part Bardot, two parts Twiggy for this 2011 take on the bouffant-twist.

1. Divide the hair into two sections, parting it across the back of the head.

2. Tease the top portion of the hair. Spray with Spray de Mode. Place headband.

3. Twist the bottom portion up as you would a French twist. Secure this piece into a knot on the crown, creating the base for a bouffant.

4. Take the top portion of hair and smooth it over the knot, folding the ends seamlessly into the twist. Finish with Spray de Mode.
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

hair how to: the heiress

Bright, playful, and the look most closely resembling a traditional up-do, this one makes a fine counterpart to the Regal Promenade Headband (sold on (and a ballroom reception). This would be pretty for new years party, or night out.
1. Set the entire head with a 1-inch barrel curling iron.
2. Once the hair has cooled comb it all out.
3. Gather a high ponytail on top of the head.
4. Begin pinning sections of hair around the base of the pony, putting it exactly where you want it. Spray all over with Spray de Mode. Pin It

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

hair how to: boho chic

We have a few more lovely styles from This one is perfect for a beach or meadow wedding or casual event. Work around the Lilium Halo (sold on
1. Begin by spritzing dry hair with Surf Spray.
2. Promptly bundle hair into a topknot. Give the bun heat with a blow dryer and a half-hour to form some natural wave and texture.
3. Then let it down and a create a center part.
4. Weave a small braid near your face.
5. Tousle the entire head with your fingers, then place the halo. Pin It

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Winter Wonderful

We’re already imagining this style on your heads for new years eve, a special occasion or brides (and ourselves).
1. On damp hair, spray Bb. Thickening Hairspray to the root area and ends of hair.
2. Turn head upside down to achieve maximum volume and dry the hair with a blow-dryer, continuously running your fingers through the hair while it is drying.
3. Once the hair is dry, use your fingers to create a very natural part and make sure to keep it soft in appearance.
4. On one side, take a 3-inch section of hair with your fingers and start to turn the section away from the face until it shrinks or twists down towards the scalp. When 50 percent of the hair has been wound down towards the head, add another 3-inch section to what you’re already holding and repeat. Do this until you reach the center of the back of the head, and secure with a few bobby pins. (The volume at the back appears naturally while gathering and twisting sections of the hair.)
5. Repeat this on the other side. Leave any pieces that accidentally fall out as this creates the softness that finishes this fun look so well.
6. Finish with Spray de Mode hairspray for a gentle but effective hold. Pin It

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from all of us at Salon K. Thank you for all of your love and support over the last year! May you have a wonderful holiday season with family, friends and loved ones. Here's to another great year! Pin It

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Hours

We will be closed Friday December 23 - Monday December 26 for the Holidays. We will reopen Tuesday December 27 at 9 am. Have a lovely Holiday weekend! Pin It

It's Not Too Late

Fashionably late for holiday shopping? No worries- we have plenty of last minute gifts. What's left on your list? Cross it off with gifts that you can pick up quickly. Gift Certificates are available in any service or dollar amount. Bumble and bumble Mending, Quenching and Thickening gift boxes are still available. Limited Edition Bumble and bumble flat and round brushes are sure to be adored and FREE gift wrapping is available on any and all gifts.

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Salon Holiday Party

Monday night we had a Salon K holiday party. All these ladies are so fun and amazing so it made for a great night. We have been blessed with such an amazing team of talented stylists, what a wonderful year it has been!

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Indians and Pilgrims

For our creative class in November we used Indians and Pilgrims as our inspiration. The stylists got creative with braids, twists and waves.
Hair is by Cambri Christensen, Laura Miller, Ashley Bramwell and Bethany Kartchner.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Never Lose Your Bobby Pins Again

Give a stylish gift that's hard to miss. The winter white grips in our limited edition Bb.Pin Tin not only look chic in any shade of hair but make for an easy-to-find (and easy-to-use) frill in a fix. Get 50 winter white pins in four sizes (and one cute little box). Plus find clever hairstyle how-tos inside. It's limited edition and we only have two left! Pin It

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Luxe Gift

Gentle Shampoo, Super Rich Conditioner and Deeep. Three luxurious balms that gently, richly and deeply nourish hair back to softness and shine. The perfect winter ritual. For more information on any of these products ask any of our Bb. Stylists. Pin It

Friday, December 9, 2011

A Glimmering Gift

'Tis the season to shine, so add a little sparkle to someone's holiday with a lightweight, all-day gleam that shines on (and on...) courtesy of the Bb. Shine Collection. Visit the salon to check out the Bb. Shine collection to give a little gloss. We'll even wrap it up sylishly (for free). Pin It

Thursday, December 8, 2011

hair how to: vintage make

Proving that all a Birdcage Veil needs is a polished down ’do. This style evokes the charm and presence of a 40's screen siren.

1. Spray Does it All all over hair.

2. Using a 1-inch barrel curling iron, begin winding the entire head of hair, 1-inch section by 1-inch section.

3. Create a side part into the hair and comb it out thoroughly to achieve a smooth, uniform texture.

4. For a look that won’t go anywhere, indoors or outdoors, hairspray it with Spray de Mode.
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

hair how to: Grace Kelly

For this faux-bobbed ’do inspired by one of, if not the most, elegant American icons.

1. Comb Styling Creme into wet hair to ensure a firm set then blow dry.

2. Using large sections of hair, set the entire head with medium-barreled hot rollers.

3. Once cooled, comb out the curls and position a headband.

4. Tease the hair directly behind it and smooth.

5. Fold the hair under and pin equal-sized sections at the nape of the neck. Give the bob a gentle comb to smooth and finish. Finish with a spritz of Spray de Mode for hold. Pin It

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

hair how to: MADEMOISELLE

For the bride who likes her prim and proper with a side of quirk and vintage, BHLDN presents a modified banana twist.

1. Create a shallow side part, then tease the hair. Spray with Spray de Mode hairspray.

2. Smooth the top of the hair and pull all of it to one side of the neck.

3. Begin to twist the piece up and over the crown, finishing and securing the twist close to the hairline.

4. Gently pulling from the part and shape with your fingers, finish with a final swoop across the forehead. Give your hair one last spritz of Spray de Mode.
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

hair how to: elfin

One of our favorites! (this is from BHLDN as well). Perfect for the bride picturing an outdoor, candlelit ceremony, inspired by medieval hairstyles. This look has an earthy feel to it, especially when you add the feathered hair piece, but it forms this beautiful halo around the head, which adds drama.

1. On dry hair create a side part and began braiding around the face, starting with hair closest to the hairline and adding to the braid with hair further back on the head. Continue this until finally coming full circle.

2. Secure the tail of the braid into its beginning with a bobby pin.

3. Begin pulling at the braid gently with you fingers, concentrating at the nape of the neck to anchor the style.

4. Finish with Spray de Mode hairspray and add a feather or hair pin for added drama.
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Thursday, December 1, 2011

hair how to: the pin-up

Another beautiful style from BHLDN. This was inspired by Rita Hayworth, keeping the hair full and loose, pulling it back just enough to let the Peony Hairpin share the spotlight.

1. To start this simple yet head-turning style, comb Styling Creme through wet hair.

2. Get hair completely dry, and then set the entire head with a 1-inch barrel curling iron.

3. Let the hair cool. Let the hair down and comb through. Start at it with your hands to get right amount of volume and shape.

4. Spray hair with Spray de Mode and pin in a flower for the final touch.
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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

hair how to: jazz age

We discovered BHLDN when it was first launched by Anthropologie a couple years ago. If you haven't been to their website yet, run don't walk! It's a gorgeous wedding site with even more gorgeous wedding dresses and decor. We became even more obsessed when they came out with a collection of wedding day hair, which is also perfect for holiday hair! This week we will feature a hair how to a day, so make sure you keep checking back!
Channeling nightclub coifs from the Roaring Twenties this updo is pure glamour.
1. Start by applying Bb. Gel to wet hair and then draw a side part.
2. Comb hair down across the forehead and then back toward the temple, out toward the cheekbone and then back toward the ear, forming the finger wave that defines the look.
3. Dry the hair with a diffuser. Careful to not undo the finger wave.
4. Braid the ends of your hair and secure the hair into a low side chignon.
5. Tuck a hair clip in the chignon for extra glam. Finish with Spray de Mode. Pin It

Friday, November 25, 2011

hair how to: bouffant

Voluminous hair was all over the runway this season, 60's retro is definitely back in full force! We love the elegance, sexiness and whimsy of the bouffant that Bottega Veneta sent down the runway. Want to add some texturized glamour to your own fall repertoire? Follow these steps:
1. It's best to start this look on unwashed hair, if you are add some Bb. Hair Powder for to get rid of shine and add texture. If your hair is wet spray hair with Prep and then smooth Bb. Texture through your roots and ends. Blow dry hair completely dry and round brush for volume.
2. Split your hair into two sections using your fingers. The top section will begin behind your ear and move up to the crown. The bottom section will be the remaining hair.
3. Secure the top section off to the side with a clip, brush the bottom section up into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic.
4.. Take the top section and secure the front two inches of hair off to the side. With the remaining strands, tease your hair. Spray with Spray de Mode for lasting hold.
5. Take the separated top section and brush it neatly over the teased portion and towards your ponytail, making sure to smooth out the front and sides as you go.
6. Secure the top section into your ponytail with a generous spray of Spray de Mode. Roll your ponytail and top section under towards your scalp and secure hair up with pins.
7. Smooth your updo with Styling Wax and finish with a little more Spray de Mode! Pin It

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

We are full of gratitude today as we think of all your love and support of Salon K and our stylists! We have built some amazing friendships and can't thank you enough for being part of our salon family. Have a great Thanksgiving with family and loved ones and eat some yummy pie! Pin It

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holiday Hours

We will be closed Wednesday November 23 and 24, 2011 for the Thanksgiving Holidays. We will reopen Friday November 25 at 9am. Have a great Thanksgiving! Pin It

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Swimsuit Party

On of our salon friends, Kortni Jeane, is hosting a swimsuit party for her new swimsuit collection this Friday. Bring your friends, mom, sister, etc. and check out the swimsuits, eat some good food and enjoy good company. It's this Friday Nov. 25 at 7 pm at 2755 North Foothill Drive. Hope to see you there! Pin It

Round Classic Hairbrush

Custom made for the holidays, the Round Classic Hairbrush is back!. Bumble and bumble's limited-edition Round Classic Hairbrush for neat scooped ends or loose, tumbling waves with body, movement and volume.

Designed (to the millimeter) to meet the exacting demands of our Bb.Stylists, both backstage and in the Salon, and made (with love) in Italy; in our eyes - and hands - they're just perfect. Features boar bristles and custom body made of sustainably harvested beechwood.
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Back in Stock

We FINALLY have Bumble and bumble Brown Hair Powder back in stock!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Flat Classic Hairbrush

Bumble and bumble's Flat Classic Hairbrush is back for the holidays! The limited-edition Flat Classic Hairbrush is essential for daily smoothing, updos with polish and gentle detangling.

Designed (to the millimeter) to meet the exacting demands of our Bb.Stylists, both backstage and in the Salon, and made (with love) in Italy; in our eyes - and hands - they're just perfect. Features boar bristles and custom body made of sustainably harvested beechwood. We are obsessed with this flat brush at Salon K! Pin It

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Quenching Gift

This season's ultimate cocktail: limited-edition trio that restores natural moisture and renews shine (in present-perfect sizes). This gift box includes Quenching shampoo: a ultra-mild moisture-replenishing cleanser, Quenching conditioner: a hydrating, shine-enhancing conditioner, and Quenching masque: a weekly intense hydrating and strength-restoring masque. Pin It

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Holiday Pin Tin

50 winter white styling pins (with stylist know-how to match) neatly packed in Bb. engraved tin. Limited-edition and perfect for gifting. Often compared to needles and thread by hairdressers, pins are essential style underpinnings, having played infinite - and invisible - supporting roles. That is, until the late 1990s when two Bb.Editorial Stylists "outed" the pin, sending hair down runways bedecked with visible pins, to elegant and dramatic effect. We offer this Bb. Pin tin as an homage to their ground-breaking ingenuity, and hope it inspires you.
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Friday, November 11, 2011

Pump up the Volume

Happy 11.11.11 everyone! Continuing with our Bumble and bumble Holiday gifts. Revel to the fullest with this bestselling trio that helps any hair type look fuller and a set of limited-edition petite pins. Made especially for this holiday season. This gift box includes:
Thickening Shampoo 8 oz.: It makes hair feel thicker and fuller, helps to seal split ends and smooth flyaways.
Thickening Conditioner 8 oz.: A featherweight moisturizer and detangler with ultra-light silk fibers that separate strands to create a fuller look.
Thickening Hairspray 8 oz.: Perfect for blow-drying, setting, protecting from heat, and adding volume, lift and control. Pin It

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Mending Gift

First up on the Bumble and bumble holiday 2011 collection is this supercharged, limited-edition trio. They repair damage and strengthen without stripping color or wilting perms (in present-perfect sizes). This gift box includes Mending shampoo: ultra-mild, reparative cleansing, Mending conditioner: reparative, strengthening, color-safe conditioning, and Mending masque: a weekly intense repair and strength-restoring masque. Pin It

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Holiday is Here!

We put all our Bumble and bumble holiday boxes and gifts out last night. This week we will be highlighting each gift they have available. Come take a look before they're all gone!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

hair how to: romantic twist updo

For the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite holiday styles and how-tos to help you get ready for the holidays. Also keep in mind we have a few Updo Specialists in the salon that would love to help you through all your holiday events! First up is how to recreate Lauren Conrad’s Romantic Twist updo.
1. On damp hair spray Prep all over hair. Smooth Grooming creme through your the middle and ends of your hair for shine and smoothing (this updo would also be awesome to do on second-day hair). Spray Thickening hairspray on roots and ends of hair.
2. Get hair completely dry with a blow drier.
3. Use a 1” curling iron to curl the hair. Spray with Spray de mode while curling.
4. Once the entire head is curled, secure the curls by pinning them in a woven fashion to create a style that looks loose and effortless. Once the style is achieved, lightly spray Spray de Mode for lightweight and soft, yet controlled, hold. Pin It

Thursday, November 3, 2011

hair how to: high ponytail

We love this high ponytail on Nicole Richie. It's super chic and great when you're in a rush! Here's how you can get this look at home:
1. On dry hair pull a mohawk section of your hair and leave out. Pull the rest of your hair into a super high pony on your crown with a bungee or elastic.
2. Take the mohawk section of the hair you left out and lightly shake to let a face-framing fringe (bangs) fall.
3. Separate the remaining hair into 2 sections on both sides of the head. One at a time, wrap the sections around the pony. Pin and secure with pins to hide the elastic.
4. Smooth flyaways and set the ponytail with a light mist of Spray de Mode hairspray. Add some red carpet worthy shine with Shine Spray. Pin It

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our New York Trip

As you probably have heard all the stylists at Salon K had the opportunity to go to Bumble and bumble University in New York City. It was an amazing experience and we all came back motivated, inspired and ready to use our razors!

Our first day of school picture!

Learning from the best!

Testing the haircuts our for ourselves on live models!

It was also a great way for our team to bond and build relationships. We created a nice little salon family!
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