Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fall Trends

It feels like Summer just started but Fall is just around the corner. Soon falling leaves and pumpkins will be on our minds. To get you ready for the new season here are some of the hottest trends for fall.
When it comes to hair color it's going to be a gold rush! We love honey hues because they brighten and complement just about every complexion. Put a few pieces around your face or all over and the hue will make your complexion look radiant! Blondes look to Brooklyn Decker for inspiration. Brunettes, Ashley Greene's golden hair is a good inspiration for you. From honey and amber to chestnut and maple, tones of gold will be featured in hair color. Blondes this fall will also favor very warm, honey tones with the lightest shades of gold around the hairline and crown of the head. This will create a halo of light that will make any complexion glow. January Jones has this color technique.
Braids will continue as a big trend into fall. For a modern twist try braiding a piece of fabric through your hair as you braid. Also, click here, here, here and here for more braid inspiration and how-to's. (More how to's are sure to come!) Pin It

Friday, July 29, 2011

hair how-to: boho fishtail

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With these hot summer days we are all about keeping our hair off our necks. Ponytail after ponytail gets a little boring so we are always looking for fun new ways to pull our hair up. When we saw this photo of this pulled up fishtail braid, we had to share!
1} Create a fishtail on the side of your head. Secure with a hair band.
2} Pull at the sides of the braid a little to loosen it up a little.
3} Wrap the fishtail up and around your head. Secure with bobby pins as you go.
4} Once you get to the end of the fishtail, tuck the end under the braid and pin.
5} Finish by spraying with Spray de Mode. Don't worry about little flyaways and little falling out pieces, it gives the style a messy, undone, look. Pin It

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Problem Solvers

Summer hair mishaps got you down? Put your troubled tresses to rest with these 3 problem solving products!
Feeling dull? Brighten your hair with with Shine Finishing Spray. It controls flyaways and gives your hair that all-day gleam!

Summer rays burning you out? Creme de Coco Masque works miracles on sun-parches strands.
Humidity got you all in a tizzy (and frizzy?) Defrizz calms the fuzz and returns hair to its silky-smoothness with a blend of silicones. Pin It

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

hair how-to: Emma Stone

Ponytails are not only a summer staple, they are also going to be big for fall. We can credit all the celebs on the red carpet for making ponytails more formal. Emma Stone put her own spin on the style at a premiere in New York. She added a little retro height at the crown which complemented her bangs and cat-eye. We are definitely feeling the Bardot inspiration! Here's her hair how-to straight from her hair stylist.
1} Start by spraying damp hair with Surf Spray.
2} Rough dry hair with a blow dryer and your hands. It will give you a bit of haphazard texture.
3} Once it's completely dry, back comb the crown to add volume. Spray with Spray de Mode.
4} Pull your hair into a ponytail on your crown. Secure with a hair band.
5} Wrap a piece of hair around the elastic. Secure with bobby pins.
6} Pull a few pieces of hair out around your face for some casual framing. Finish with Spray de Mode hairspray. Pin It

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Swinging 60's

We have started having a creative class at the Salon every 3rd Wednesday of the month. It's a chance for all the stylists to bring in a model, have some fun and go beyond their comfort zones. The inspiration this week was the early 60's, it was fun to try out styles we wouldn't normally do and put a modern twist on them.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dirty Hair

Dirty hair? No problem! Just because you didn't wash your hair today doesn't mean it can't look cute. Starting off, if your hair is looking oily or too shiny spray Bb. Hair Powder in your bangs and anywhere else needed. Any telltale signs of dirty hair will be out the window! The second step is to throw your hair up into something fun. Looking at the pictures above you can see some options (click on the links for hair how-to's):
1} Try a fun half braid. It will hold better in dirty hair rather than clean, soft hair.
2} Pull your hair back into something fancy.
3} A simple, chic, bun is an easy go-to.
4} Make two pigtail braids, pull the sides up and over into a braided "headband". Secure with bobby pins.
5} Pull your hair into a low ponytail. Secure with a hair tie. Wrap a small piece of hair around the hair tie and secure with bobby pins.
6} Make two pigtail braids, pull back behind your head and secure with bobby pins.
7} Braid from your right ear over to your left. Secure with bobby pins. Make a messy bun behind your left ear and secure with pins.
8} Pull hair onto your crown and twist into a messy bun. Love.
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Hair How-To: Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker looked chic and summery at last week's ESPY awards. The best way to create this style is on second-day hair. It's more textured and hold better, it also makes working with shorter hair easier.
1} Spray hair all over with Surf Spray.
2} Grab random pieces of hair and twist them, spray with Spray de Mode hairspray. This creates a rougher, wavy texture.
3} Back-comb the hair at the crown to create volume. Pin back pieces around the crown, leaving pieces out around your face.
4} Using a curling iron wrap the shorter pieces around the face to soften and smooth those pieces.
5} Spray all over again with Spray de Mode hairspray. It’s simple yet stylish with a fun, flirty texture! Pin It

Keep Hair in Style through the THICK of it

Make it BIG with the full Thickening family.

Thickening Shampoo
Makes fine hair look and feel fuller as it cleanses, helps seal split ends and tames flyaways.
Thickening Conditioner
Moisturizes without weight, protects and contains silk powder which adheres to hair strands and separates for fullness.
Thickening Hairspray
Helps fine hair achieve styling lift-off, but also works wonders on any hair type: thick, thin, or otherwise.
Thickening Serum
This nightly, leave-in treatment fattens and fortifies over time for thicker, stronger strands and fuller hair (really). Pin It

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bangs Bangs Bangs

If you're looking for a way to spice up your cut without chopping a bunch of length off, bangs are the way to do that! They're also a great solution for high foreheads and enhancing your eyes. The lowest commitment on the bang totem pole are side-swept fringe, they're the easiest to grow out and are generally the most flattering. Blunt, heavy bangs are fun and look great but keep in mind they're more maintenance and more difficult to grow out. Once you're ready to grow out your blunt bangs, talk to your stylist and they should be able to make the process easier by taking the corner off one side and turn them in to flattering, side-swept bangs. Pin It

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Salt Air in my HAIR

If you long for salt air in your hair, have no fear Surf Spray is here! The perfect solution for sexy, salt, sun-dried, windswept styled beach hair whenever, wherever. Spray it all over damp or dry hair; let dry naturally or blow-dry with a diffuser. You can also spray on dry hair for detailing, less you touch it, the longer it will hold.
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See What all the Muss is About

Hair junkies can't resist the hint of grit, hold and tousled, shine-free finish of Bb. Texture. This product is perfect for summer; work some through damp hair, ruffle, let it air dry (blow dry or diffuse for more volume) and voila! Come in for a style or purchase some for yourself to see what all the muss is about! Pin It

Harry Potter Hair

With Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 coming out Thursday at midnight, everything Harry Potter has been on our minds. The stars dressed to impress at the London premiere. We love Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe's messy, tousled, locks (Bb. Texture would be the perfect product for this look) and Emma Watson looks chic and feminine with her short, smooth, pixie cut.
Bonny Wright (Ginny Weasley) looks all grown up and gorgeous. Obsessed with her auburn locks!
The stars looked easily as lovely at the New York premiere. The boys kept their same tousled do's and Emma switched things up going more sleek and edgy. It's fun to see how versatile short cuts can really be. Seeing this whole phenomenon come to an end after all these years is going to be surreal, we are sure to shed a few tears like Emma Watson.
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Friday, July 8, 2011

Bumble and bumble. University

All the stylists at Salon K will be heading to the Bumble and bumble University in New York City this October. We will be taking a razor hair cutting class from the best of the best. We are so excited! Because the entire salon will be going, Salon K will be closed October 12-19. More reminders will go out before then but we wanted to start giving everyone a heads up. Keep this in mind as you're making your appointments. We are so excited to continue our education and bring back what we learn! Click here to learn more about Bumble and bumble. University. Pin It

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Don't let this happen to you! The situation: your grown out roots are bothering you want to save money so you do it yourself. You pick out a box of Loreal Dream Blonde at Walmart and throw the color on your roots. You rinse it out in the shower, so excited to be rid of your dark roots. As you excitedly look in the mirror you realize your Dream Blonde is more Bozo Orange! OOPS! That's where we step in, coming into the salon in tears you want it fixed asap. It ends up being more expensive to fix the orange disaster then it would have been to come in the first place! We know times are hard but we want you to have great hair no matter what, so we have come up with a few solutions here at Salon K.
1} Get a "touch-up": we put hair color on your part and around your face for $37. It's a great way to extend your full color appointments but still get your roots covered.
2} Bumble and bumble Hair Powder: they are tinted powders that not only extend your blow-outs but can extend your color appointments! Spray on your part and anywhere else that's bothering you and Voila! (Hair powder comes in white, blondish, brown, red and black)
3} To extend your highlights try coming in for an all over color on just your roots between your highlight appontments, it lightens your roots and blends everything together better.
4} Put a couple foils on your part and around your face for $5 a foil. Pin It

Summer Time Essentials

Now that summer is in full force you have probably been spending a lot of time in the sun and outside. It's been so lovely but there are also a few downfalls to summer like bug bites and sunburns. We prefer to go the natural route when at all possible so when we were introduced to essential oils we were immediately intrigued. After playing around and doing a lot of research our favorite brand has been DoTerra; we get the best results, they work right away and are the most potent on the market (not to mention they're food grade so they're safe enough to ingest!). Here are a few tips to help with summer woes:

1} To avoid harmful chemicals from store brand insect repellant apply TerraShield directly to exposed skin as a natural protectant from bug bites
2} Hot dogs, hamburgers and ice cream can take a toll on your digestive system. Apply DigestZen topically to your stomach or swallow a few drops for natural digestion relief.
3} Mix a few drops of Slim & Sassy with your lotion and apply to trouble spots on your body. Add a few drops to a glass of water for a refreshing and appetite-suppressing beverage.
4} For a refreshing pick me up in the afternoon or on a long road trip apply Peppermint to your forehead, shoulders and behind your ears.
5} Lavendar is great for soothing sunburns and calming any other skin woes.
6} Melaleuca is an all-purpose skin antiseptic that works wonders to alleviate bug bites, stings and rashes. Pin It

Go Green

We hope you all had a great holiday weekend! We love summer but it can really do a number on your hair. All summer long our clients come in asking how to get the green (from chlorine in the pool) out of their locks. We've tried everything from clarifying shampoos to baking soda and none seemed to do the trick, not to mention they dried out our hair. Our best solution? Tomatoes! It sounds weird but it works on even the blondest of blondes.
We keep a big bottle of Ketchup in our shower and use it after we shampoo. Leave it in for at least 5 minutes, rinse and follow with a hydrating conditioner or masque. To avoid going green in the first place coat your hair with a leave in conditioner before you go swimming and immediately rinse your hair after. Pin It

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Growing Hair

As stylists the number one question we get asked is "how can I get my hair to grow faster?". There are quite a few factors that tie in to how fast your hair grows (some just being plain old genetics) but here are a few tips to help you along the way!

1} Brushing. Brushing your scalp stimulates it, which is great. It also spreads the natural oils from your scalp to the rest of your hair which will nourish your hair naturally. There is a fine line of brushing your hair too much so make sure you are just brushing your roots, brushing your ends can lead to breakage. We recommend using a boar bristle brush or one with natural bristles.
2} Treatments. Keeping the hair you already have nourished and healthy is extremely important when you want to grow your hair out. Deep conditioning masques and treatments help prevent breakage and keep your hair strong and healthy. Hair that's been colored or chemically treated usually calls for a protein treatment like Bumble and bumble's Mending Masque, it strengthens your hair and builds a "shell" around it. Hair that is dry and dull or has been blow dried and flat ironed a lot is usually thirsty for moisture, the Quenching Masque would be the perfect solution. Sometimes you may even need a little bit of both. Keep in mind that all hair masques are not created equal so we recommend talking to your stylist about which treatment is best for you.
3} Vitamins. We are big believers in taking a multi-vitamin along with a fish oil supplement. Our favorite is Nuskin's Lifepak Nano because it contains both a multivitamin and fish oil, are the most pure and have given us the best results. We notice that what you put into your body shows in your hair, skin and nails so taking vitamins will also make your hair feel and look healthier. The key is to take them consistantly.
4} Stimulate. Like with brushing your hair, stimulating your scalp is beneficial. By massaging the scalp, the blood circulates more and brings much needed nutrients to the hair follicles where the hair grows. You can use your fingers or use a scalp massager thing like in the picture above. Pin It

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

Can you believe the 4th of July is already here?! Summer is flying by! Take some time to enjoy your family and loved ones this holiday weekend. Unplug from the computer, your phone and laptop and savor every moment. However you celebrate, enjoy the little moments: your child's face light up during the parade, seeing friends and family you haven't seen in awhile, the sun, the smell of the BBQ, or just the wonderful feeling of summer. Have a fun and safe weekend celebrating our country and our independence. We are so grateful to live in the United States and for our freedoms. Have a happy 4th of July weekend and enjoy the fireworks tonight!
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Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Lovin'

At Salon K we spend most of our time talking about, well, hair. Here are our latest product raves:

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