Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bb. Product Spotlight: Grooming Creme

Grooming Creme was created when a Bb. Stylist began blending concoctions of hand and body lotions for hair at fashion shows in the 1990's.
WHY: For texture, separation, satin sheen, moisture, volume control and definition

WHO: Use very sparingly on very fine hair. Good for thick, coarse and afro textures or dry hair. Excellent choice for men, its moisturizing oils make it a good substitute for conditioner.

HOW: Start with a very small amount and build up as needed. Squeeze onto palms and work through damp hair with fingers.

PRESS BOX: Super Models like Gisele Bundchen and Naomi Campbell are big fans!
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Monday, December 7, 2009

Product Spotlight: Bb. Gel & Gellac

Bumble and bumble has 2 different gels to choose from.
First up is Bb. Gel. It molds firm and shiny shapes but can also brush into soft yet still-shapely forms. It's alcohol free and will not flake!
HOW: work a small amount through hair (add more as necessary); style and let dry; brush through for a softer look.

The other Bb. gel is Gellac. This is a sure-hold gel-lacquer freezes shapes with a sculpted, glistening finish- no movement and no brushing it out until you wash it out! It's also flake free.
WHO: anyone who wants hair to REALLY stay put
HOW: Start sparingly and increase as needed; work a small amount through towel dried hair (the drier the better) and sculpt, mould, spike or slick. Pin It

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Salon K Presents: 2009 Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are right around the corner and gift shopping has begun! We have decided to put out a gift guide to help give you some ideas for all the people in your life!

From hair to skin you have a lot of options with Gift Certificates to mix and match packages for anyone that appreciates a trip to the salon (and really who doesn't?!). When someone's paying to retouch their hair color every 4-6 weeks it's a great idea to give it as a gift!

And who do you know that wouldn't want the gift of a haircut?!

Are you tired of staring at your brother's unibrow or sisters hairy legs? The gift of waxing is perfect for them!

Looking for something a little more relaxing for that special someone? A nice body treatment such as our Body Coffee Detoxifying Anti-Cellulite Wrap is a tasty choice!

On top of being relaxing one of our facials is perfect for brightening dull winter skin...

There are many women out there that would LOVE to have longer hair, the gift of Racoon Extensions is for them.

The dry winter air can take a toll on hair. The gift of a Deep Condition will refreshen, rehydrate and add back that natural shine we all crave!
Aside from all our great services don't forget about all of our retail!
Bumble and bumble epitomizes hair care! Bumble will give you attention-grabbing hair that any product junkie will swoon over!
Warmth and style are mandatory in the winter. These crocheted flower headbands fit the bill perfectly. And at only $15 each!

These fashionable but classic flower headbands will add a pop to any outfit. There are so many colors and flowers to choose from you are sure to end up buying one for yourself! Cute on anyone from ages 1 to 100!

Last but not least are the zipper flowers. So cute and unexpected! From headbands to clips you are sure to find the perfect stocking stuffer!
Come in today for more gift ideas, gift certificates, or even to spruce yourself up for all those holiday parties coming up!
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