Saturday, December 3, 2011

hair how to: elfin

One of our favorites! (this is from BHLDN as well). Perfect for the bride picturing an outdoor, candlelit ceremony, inspired by medieval hairstyles. This look has an earthy feel to it, especially when you add the feathered hair piece, but it forms this beautiful halo around the head, which adds drama.

1. On dry hair create a side part and began braiding around the face, starting with hair closest to the hairline and adding to the braid with hair further back on the head. Continue this until finally coming full circle.

2. Secure the tail of the braid into its beginning with a bobby pin.

3. Begin pulling at the braid gently with you fingers, concentrating at the nape of the neck to anchor the style.

4. Finish with Spray de Mode hairspray and add a feather or hair pin for added drama.
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