Friday, November 25, 2011

hair how to: bouffant

Voluminous hair was all over the runway this season, 60's retro is definitely back in full force! We love the elegance, sexiness and whimsy of the bouffant that Bottega Veneta sent down the runway. Want to add some texturized glamour to your own fall repertoire? Follow these steps:
1. It's best to start this look on unwashed hair, if you are add some Bb. Hair Powder for to get rid of shine and add texture. If your hair is wet spray hair with Prep and then smooth Bb. Texture through your roots and ends. Blow dry hair completely dry and round brush for volume.
2. Split your hair into two sections using your fingers. The top section will begin behind your ear and move up to the crown. The bottom section will be the remaining hair.
3. Secure the top section off to the side with a clip, brush the bottom section up into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic.
4.. Take the top section and secure the front two inches of hair off to the side. With the remaining strands, tease your hair. Spray with Spray de Mode for lasting hold.
5. Take the separated top section and brush it neatly over the teased portion and towards your ponytail, making sure to smooth out the front and sides as you go.
6. Secure the top section into your ponytail with a generous spray of Spray de Mode. Roll your ponytail and top section under towards your scalp and secure hair up with pins.
7. Smooth your updo with Styling Wax and finish with a little more Spray de Mode! Pin It

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