Thursday, November 3, 2011

hair how to: high ponytail

We love this high ponytail on Nicole Richie. It's super chic and great when you're in a rush! Here's how you can get this look at home:
1. On dry hair pull a mohawk section of your hair and leave out. Pull the rest of your hair into a super high pony on your crown with a bungee or elastic.
2. Take the mohawk section of the hair you left out and lightly shake to let a face-framing fringe (bangs) fall.
3. Separate the remaining hair into 2 sections on both sides of the head. One at a time, wrap the sections around the pony. Pin and secure with pins to hide the elastic.
4. Smooth flyaways and set the ponytail with a light mist of Spray de Mode hairspray. Add some red carpet worthy shine with Shine Spray. Pin It

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