Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bb Product Spotlight: Styling Wax

Styling Wax is water-soluble combination of wax and silicone that gives a shiny finish but isn't greasy. The great thing about it being water-soluble is it's easy to wash out! Great for pixie cuts!

WHY: Gives you texture, gentle hold, flexibility, shine and separation
WHO: Anyone
HOW: Use throughout the hair for texture or just on the ends for shape and separation
PRESS BOX: Styling Wax is as popular among men (Ben Affleck, Matt Dillon, Michael Douglas, Sean Penn, Val Kilmer and Steven Tyler) as it is among women (Christina Aguilera, Halle Berry, Keri Russell, Selma Hayek and Sarah Michelle Gellar) Pin It

Monday, February 1, 2010

Salon K 20/20 CARDS

*forgive the picture it came from an iphone! but you get the idea!

Introducing our new Salon k 20/20 Card! Here's how it works: Put your name on these, pass them out to your friends and when your friend comes in for any service you both get 20% off! You can get 20% off an inumerable number of times, however, you can only get up to 20% off each time you come in. Make sense? Ask for one (or two or ten) the next time you come in!
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