Tuesday, February 1, 2011

hair how-to: SAG awards

To get hair like Lea:
1] On wet hair spray Bb. Prep all over hair followed by Thickening Hairspray on roots and ends for volume. Finish with surf spray on ends for texture.
2] Blow dry hair upside down.
3] Once hair is completely dry spray with Does it All hairspray for light hold and heat protection. Wrap sections of hair around a large (I usually use a 1 inch) curling iron, away from the face.
4] Tossle curls with your hands. Finish with more Does it All hairspray.

for hair like Christina:
1] Spray Prep all over hair, followed by Thickening Hairspray on roots and ends for volume. Smooth a small amount of Grooming Creme through the midshafts and ends for polish.
2] Round brush hair for volume and smoothness.
3] Spray hair with Does it All hairspray for heat protection. With a large curling iron (again I use 1 inch) curl hair away from face, inside the curling iron (for a tighter curl).
4] Tossle curls with hands. Follow with another spray of Does it All.
5] If you like how her bangs swoop up and back follow step #3 of January Jones hair how-to.

To get January's hair:

1] On wet hair spray Prep followed by Styling Creme on roots and ends to create volume and hold. Apply a small amount of Defrizz to keep the hair smooth and to avoid flyaways.
2] Part hair on the side and blow dry using a round brush.
3] To accentuate the wave on the top, use a 1 inch curling iron to curl the hair back into pin curls (curl small sections with curling iron and instead of letting the curl fall down, pin the curl with a bobby pin or clip while it cools).
4] Once the curls have cooled brush through them to create volume and shape.
5] Pin the hair back at the center of the head. Finish with Classic Hairspray.

*all hair styling products are Bumble and bumble.

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