Friday, February 18, 2011

Fashion Week hair how-to: modern pompadour

This runway look came from Herve Leger's runway. Hair was done by Bumble and bumble stylist Neil Moodie, he wanted the hair to have a sporty feel. He was actually inspired by a woman getting out of the swimming pool and slicking her hair back! We always love hearing where people pull their inspiration from!

1] On wet hair spray Prep and then Styling Lotion all over wet hair.

2] Blow-dry hair using a round brush.

3] Flat-iron the hair, but be careful to not iron it stick straight, leave a curve in the ends of the hair.

4] Take the sides of the hair and brush completely back, leave the front section of your hair free. Apply Bb. Gel on the sides of the hair as well as under the roots of the front panel of hair.

5] Flip the front section of hair forward and backcomb the roots. Flip hair back over the top (where you just applied the gel), secure with pins underneath hair.

6] Finish with Spray de Mode.

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