Friday, February 17, 2012

Kate Beckinsale hair how to

How glam does Kate Beckinsale look with her swept up high ponytail? This would be a great style to do on the day after your wear your hair down and curly.
1. (skip to step #3 if you're starting on second day hair) If you're starting on clean hair, spray your hair all over with Prep, spray Thickening Hairspray on your roots and smooth Grooming Creme through your ends. Blow dry hair upside down until dry.
2. Spray Surf Spray on the ends of your hair and wrap your hair around a curling iron.
3. Back comb the top of your hair and spray with Classic Hairspray.
4. Using your hands smooth your hair into a ponytail on your crown and secure with a hair band. Wrap a piece of hair around the hair band and secure with a bobby pin.
5. Mist hair with Classic hairspray and spray a small mist of Shine Spray on the ponytail. Voila! Pin It

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