Friday, February 3, 2012

SAG Awards Amber Heard

We loved Amber Heard's edgy pompadour. Updo's are always great on second day (dirty) hair because the style holds better but you can do them on clean hair as well you just need to use the right products!
1. (Skip to step #2 if your hair is dirty.) Spray damp hair with Thickening Hairspray and smooth a nickel size amount of Bb. Texture through the ends of hair and blow dry completely dry.
2. Spray Hair Powder in hair for grip and to give your hair a more matte look.
3. Backcomb the top/front of your hair, spray with Spray de Mode. Smooth the hair back and starting at the crown french twist the hair down securing with pins as you go. Tuck the ends under and secure with pins. Finish with a mist of Spray de Mode. Pin It

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