Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rainbow Brite

Rainbow brite hair is still all the trend on the red carpet. Kelly Osbourne rocked a lavendar purple hue and Katy Perry chose blue. We think this trend is fun but it's definitely not for the faint in heart. A great way to try this trend is 'chalking' your hair.
Here is a little how to:
Grab some soft chalk (in whatever color you desire), twist the piece of hair you want colored and rub the chalk on it. After you've chalked the piece, use a flat brush and brush out the excess powder. Voila!
A couple tips:
Cover your shoulders with a towel or wear a robe so you don't get the chalk on your clothes. The chalk may get on your clothes throughout the day so wear a dark color or a color similar to the chalk. When you are ready to wash the chalk out brush it out first and then wash, if it won't come out use Sunday shampoo. Good luck!
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