Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Adele hair how to

Adele always looks so classic from head to toe. We are obsessed with her red lips, dark eyes and volume volume volume! We also love her subtle blonde melt, it's very subtle but right on trend and not too drastic. Want hair like Adele? Follow these simple steps:
1. On damp hair spray Prep all over hair, Spray Thickening Hairspray from roots to ends and rub a nickel size amount of Styling Creme on roots.
2. Blow dry hair until 80% dry.
3. Section out hair and begin roundbrushing. We like to roundbrush a section about the size of our roundbrush and then leaving the brush in to cool. We recommend owning 8 or more roundbrushes so you can leave them in to cool which will give you mega volume.
4. Once your entire head has roundbrushes in it spray with Classic hairspray and let it cool while you do your makeup.
5. Pull all the brushes out once cooled and shake your hair with your hands. Spray again with Classic hairspray. Pin It

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