Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Don't let this happen to you! The situation: your grown out roots are bothering you want to save money so you do it yourself. You pick out a box of Loreal Dream Blonde at Walmart and throw the color on your roots. You rinse it out in the shower, so excited to be rid of your dark roots. As you excitedly look in the mirror you realize your Dream Blonde is more Bozo Orange! OOPS! That's where we step in, coming into the salon in tears you want it fixed asap. It ends up being more expensive to fix the orange disaster then it would have been to come in the first place! We know times are hard but we want you to have great hair no matter what, so we have come up with a few solutions here at Salon K.
1} Get a "touch-up": we put hair color on your part and around your face for $37. It's a great way to extend your full color appointments but still get your roots covered.
2} Bumble and bumble Hair Powder: they are tinted powders that not only extend your blow-outs but can extend your color appointments! Spray on your part and anywhere else that's bothering you and Voila! (Hair powder comes in white, blondish, brown, red and black)
3} To extend your highlights try coming in for an all over color on just your roots between your highlight appontments, it lightens your roots and blends everything together better.
4} Put a couple foils on your part and around your face for $5 a foil. Pin It

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