Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Growing Hair

As stylists the number one question we get asked is "how can I get my hair to grow faster?". There are quite a few factors that tie in to how fast your hair grows (some just being plain old genetics) but here are a few tips to help you along the way!

1} Brushing. Brushing your scalp stimulates it, which is great. It also spreads the natural oils from your scalp to the rest of your hair which will nourish your hair naturally. There is a fine line of brushing your hair too much so make sure you are just brushing your roots, brushing your ends can lead to breakage. We recommend using a boar bristle brush or one with natural bristles.
2} Treatments. Keeping the hair you already have nourished and healthy is extremely important when you want to grow your hair out. Deep conditioning masques and treatments help prevent breakage and keep your hair strong and healthy. Hair that's been colored or chemically treated usually calls for a protein treatment like Bumble and bumble's Mending Masque, it strengthens your hair and builds a "shell" around it. Hair that is dry and dull or has been blow dried and flat ironed a lot is usually thirsty for moisture, the Quenching Masque would be the perfect solution. Sometimes you may even need a little bit of both. Keep in mind that all hair masques are not created equal so we recommend talking to your stylist about which treatment is best for you.
3} Vitamins. We are big believers in taking a multi-vitamin along with a fish oil supplement. Our favorite is Nuskin's Lifepak Nano because it contains both a multivitamin and fish oil, are the most pure and have given us the best results. We notice that what you put into your body shows in your hair, skin and nails so taking vitamins will also make your hair feel and look healthier. The key is to take them consistantly.
4} Stimulate. Like with brushing your hair, stimulating your scalp is beneficial. By massaging the scalp, the blood circulates more and brings much needed nutrients to the hair follicles where the hair grows. You can use your fingers or use a scalp massager thing like in the picture above. Pin It

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