Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fall Trends

It feels like Summer just started but Fall is just around the corner. Soon falling leaves and pumpkins will be on our minds. To get you ready for the new season here are some of the hottest trends for fall.
When it comes to hair color it's going to be a gold rush! We love honey hues because they brighten and complement just about every complexion. Put a few pieces around your face or all over and the hue will make your complexion look radiant! Blondes look to Brooklyn Decker for inspiration. Brunettes, Ashley Greene's golden hair is a good inspiration for you. From honey and amber to chestnut and maple, tones of gold will be featured in hair color. Blondes this fall will also favor very warm, honey tones with the lightest shades of gold around the hairline and crown of the head. This will create a halo of light that will make any complexion glow. January Jones has this color technique.
Braids will continue as a big trend into fall. For a modern twist try braiding a piece of fabric through your hair as you braid. Also, click here, here, here and here for more braid inspiration and how-to's. (More how to's are sure to come!) Pin It

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