Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hair How-To: Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker looked chic and summery at last week's ESPY awards. The best way to create this style is on second-day hair. It's more textured and hold better, it also makes working with shorter hair easier.
1} Spray hair all over with Surf Spray.
2} Grab random pieces of hair and twist them, spray with Spray de Mode hairspray. This creates a rougher, wavy texture.
3} Back-comb the hair at the crown to create volume. Pin back pieces around the crown, leaving pieces out around your face.
4} Using a curling iron wrap the shorter pieces around the face to soften and smooth those pieces.
5} Spray all over again with Spray de Mode hairspray. It’s simple yet stylish with a fun, flirty texture! Pin It

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