Friday, July 29, 2011

hair how-to: boho fishtail

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With these hot summer days we are all about keeping our hair off our necks. Ponytail after ponytail gets a little boring so we are always looking for fun new ways to pull our hair up. When we saw this photo of this pulled up fishtail braid, we had to share!
1} Create a fishtail on the side of your head. Secure with a hair band.
2} Pull at the sides of the braid a little to loosen it up a little.
3} Wrap the fishtail up and around your head. Secure with bobby pins as you go.
4} Once you get to the end of the fishtail, tuck the end under the braid and pin.
5} Finish by spraying with Spray de Mode. Don't worry about little flyaways and little falling out pieces, it gives the style a messy, undone, look. Pin It

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