Friday, June 14, 2013

How to Create a Last-All-Day Braid

Braid. The word is enough to conjure a mental explosion of everything from simple pigtail plaits to runway-chic twists and coils. Today we are going to share tips for keeping your braids bountiful and beautiful.

1. Creating thick and full looking braids on thin or fine hair is tricky, try using Bb. Hair Powder and/or Surf Spray. It will add bulk to the hair, plump it up and give fine hair more grip so it doesn't slip out.
2. If you need more volume or length on your braid try adding extensions.
3. Take your time. Every braid takes time, even messy-looking ones! Hair braided well will look better and last all day, a rushed braid looks rushed and will fall apart quickly (not in a good way!).
4. Finishing with a hairspray is a must! We recommend Bb. Classic Hairspray for its strong hold, plus it will help with flyaways and protect hair from the elements. 

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