Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Swinging Sixties

Have you fallen into a styling rut? Do you find yourself slicking your hair back in the same old top knot every morning? Try this super easy modern take on vintage hair like Alexa Chung's. It reminds us of rock ‘n’ roll meets Brigitte Bardot. As always, we recommend doing this on dirty/second -day hair, it will hold better and last longer.
1. On dry hair spray Bb. Hair Powder all over hair to soak up oils and give hair more grit and grip. 
2. Backcomb hair at the crown and spray with Bb. Does it All Hairspray for a light, workable hold. 
3. Loosely pull the hair back into a ponytail leaving the face-framing fringe flowing in front, and secure with bobby pins.
5. Spritz Bb. Spray de Mode hairspray for lasting hold. Pin It

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