Saturday, August 13, 2011

Teen Choice Awards 2011

Last weekend were the Teen Choice Awards. We loved seeing all the celebrities no fuss ponytails and beachy waves. The Kardashian's always look lovely. Khloe's long, wavy, lightened locks look glamorous and summery. Kim and Kourtney's sleek bun and ponytail are a great option for summer, they look pulled together without all the fuss (especially on these hot summer days when the last thing you want to do is touch a blow drier!). Kylie's wavy, dark strands are cute and fun, but we hate Kendall's wierd pulled back braid.

We love that Emma Stone went back to her red hair color, her pulled back beachy waves are fun.

Wavy hair was a big trend of the evening. It's fun to see how versatile they are, for example, Ashley Benson kept her waves more soft and casual with a beach vibe while Lucy Hale chose more polished and sleek. Click here for a hair how-to to get waves similar to Lucy Hale's.

Rachel Bilson looked cute and summery (yes MORE wavy hair! Time to stock up on Surf Spray!). Click here, here, or here for some wavy hair how-to's.

Last but not least we love Zoe Saldana's shiny, shorter strands.

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