Saturday, August 27, 2011

hair how-to: faux bob

We all love long hair but sometimes it's fun to change things up. We created this hair tutorial for those of you with long hair that want to try short hair but without the commitment. Hence the faux bob. Take your hair from this:

To this:
(in a few easy steps.)

1} We started with curly (second-day) hair. It gave the faux bob more of a fun, messy, texture but you can definitely start with straight hair as well.
2} Spray hair all over with Spray de Mode hairspray. This will give the hair more hold and grip.
3} Starting in the back of the head, working in sections roll the hair under and up. Pin underneath with pins. Continue doing this all around the head until all your hair is pinned up.
4} Pull a few pieces of hair out around your face (if you have layers). Spray again with Spray de Mode.
.....and Voila! You have a fun, faux bob for the day! We would love to hear how this tutorial (or any others we've posted) has worked for you and would love to see pictures, please email them to us at
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