Wednesday, August 10, 2011

hair how-to: Deconstruced Updo

We instantly fell in love when we saw Taylor Swift's Deconstructed Updo. By following these easy steps you’ll be able to create totally modern, slightly deconstructed updo in less than 15 minutes that will last.
1} Pulling hair up always works best on dirty or second day hair. If you're working on dirty hair skip to step #4.
2} On clean hair work Styling Creme through roots of hair and spray Thickening Hairspray all over hair.
3} Use a Round Brush and start drying hair in sections. When you pull the brush out of each section of hair, spin the brush as you pull away from the head to create a spiral formation.
4} After hair is completely dry, spray the entire head with Spray de Mode hairspray. Taking a curling iron wrap large sections of hair around the barrel moving away from the head. Keep sections flat so they look like ribbons around the rod. Repeat this process throughout the entire head.
5} Spray the sections again with Spray de Mode. Run fingers through hair to create a loose, tousled effect.
6} Pull all the hair back loosely and gather at the nape. Using bobby pins secure the hair at the nape. Layer the curls on top of one another, pin and repeat.
7} Finish with Spray de Mode Hairspray.
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