Friday, January 20, 2012

Golden Globes Hair: Julie Bowen

Julie Bowen was one of our favorites, a modern Grace Kelly with her retro-modern 'do.
1. Spray Thickening Hairspray all over wet hair. Finger-dry hair using with a blowdrier to create volume.
2. Begin creating different sized “S shaped” waves using a 1" curling iron. Hold the curling iron on a diagonal. The goal is not to crate tight curls but rather beautiful, full waves. Secure each curl in place with a hair pin.
3. Set the entire head with roughly 30 curls and allow to set until cool.
4. Remove the pins and brush hair from the front of the head to the back, creating “S shaped” loose curls. Comb out the hair with a wide tooth comb and then gently spray some Spray de Mode hairspray.

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