Friday, February 28, 2014

Grown Up Grunge Tutorial

We have been having fun with the new Bb. Cityswept! We love it for all hair types and on men and women! Our first tutorial is a Grown up version of 90's grunge. We are obsessed!
1. On damp hair apply Bb. Prep then Bb. Thickening Full Form Mousse, concentrating on the roots.
2. Using a blow drier hand dry hair to remove moisture from hair.
3. Once hair is 80% dry use a round brush to finish the blow dry.
4. When hair is completely dry use a 1" curling iron to create waves (curl hair away from your face).
5. Let hair cool.
6. Mist Bb. CITYSWEPT Finish through your hair, concentrating at the ends, lifting hair as you spray.

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