Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jessica Chastain Tutorial

When Jessica Chastain walked down the red carpet with her romantic strawberry curls, she instantly reminded us of Jessica Rabbit. Her hair was so pretty and soft and her hair color is right on trend for spring- a gently muted copper. Here's how to get her style:
1. On damp hair spray Bb. Prep all over hair, spray Thickening Hairpsray from roots to ends.
2. Blow dry hair until 80% dry.
3. Continue blow drying with a round brush, immediately clipping each section into a pincurl.
4. Once your head is covered in pin curls, mist hair with Spray de Mode Hairspray. Allow hair to cool completely then remove clips.
5. Rake through hair with fingers to blend the curls. Finish with more Spray de Mode Hairspray.

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