Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Amy Adams Chignon Tutorial

We saw a lot retro 50's chignons and french twists on the red carpet, one of our favorites was Amy Adams. She wore it beautifully with a touch of 1950's glamour but it still looked modern and classic. The great thing about this style is it doesn't need to be too stiff or perfect, which means it's going to work best on dirty/second-day hair. 
1. On second-day hair spray Bb. Hair Powder through hair to soak up oils, give the hair grip and a matte texture.
2. Backcomb your hair at the roots, especially at the crown. Spray with Spray de Mode Hairspray.
3. Part hair in the middle (or wherever you prefer) and smooth the crown back.
4. Smooth the hair back to the nape and secure with a ponytail. Backcomb the ponytail and spritz with more Spray de Mode Hairspray. 
5. Roll the hair into a messy chignon (letting some of the backcombing show) and pin in place with bobbies. Tuck the tail under and secure with more bobbies. 
6. Pull a few pieces out around the face and finish with Spray de Mode Hairspray. 

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