Friday, March 1, 2013

Adele {Oscars Tutorial}

A big, beautiful voice can only be complemented with equally-big and beautiful hair. Adele always goes big and always looks amazing.  
1. On damp hair spray Prep all over then Thickening Hairspray from roots to ends. 
2. Flip your hair over and blow dry at the roots to create volume. 
3.  When hair is about 80 percent dry, flip the hair back over and take large sections, smoothing them with a medium-sized round brush. Pay particular attention to the ends to ensure they are bouncy and luscious.
4.  Spray your hair with Does it All hairspray and set in hot rollers. Once hair is cooled, remove the rollers and carefully brush through with a boar bristle brush. 
5. Gently tousle the hair with your fingers. Back comb the crown of your hair.
6. Pull half of your hair back and secure with bobbies. Leave down two small sections of hair to frame the face. Finish by misting with Spray de Mode Hairspray. Pin It

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