Thursday, October 4, 2012

Get Next Season's Hair Now

And now, for the third installment we bring you straight, minimalist, sleek hair with just the right amount of messed up look. This smooth updo was seen all over New York Fashion Week a couple weeks ago which you put you ahead of the game with the fashion scene. In this hairvolution you can see that you can create multiple looks over several days with one blowout. 

1. Start with a straight blow dry, which we showed you here
2. With a fine toothed comb create a straight side part. Using a paddle brush smooth all the hair behind the ears toward the nape.
3. Secure with a bungee or hairband. Wrap the hair around the ponytail to create a bun but leave a few little pieces out to keep it from looking too done.
4. Rake your fingers over random sections with a dab of Bb. Texture to make it a little more messy and undone.
5. Polish it up with Shine on Finishing Spray.
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