Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Flat Iron Adventures

 In our last tutorial on Bianca Duenas we went through how to get a smooth, not too perfect blow out. As we know the first step to great hair is a really good blowout. This next tutorial takes Straight Blow Dry even further by fully straightening Bianca's tresses with the help of a flat iron. 

We all know about flat irons, but maybe not the varied sizes and shapes and intensity levels they come in, nor how women used to actually iron (with a clothes iron! So close to your scalp/face/ears! Do not try at home!) their hair flat in the ‘60s. Ok so here we go!
1. While you're flat iron is warming up smooth a smidgen of Hairdresser's Invisible Oil through your already blown-out hair (go here to catch up to this point) for a conditioning boost. We definitely DO NOT want to fry it!
2. Section out your hair, as you go spritz your sections with Does It All Styling Spray and then flat iron the section. Lots of people make the mistake of spraying the hair afterward, but by spraying it and then adding heat it locks in the shape and helps seal in shine. 
3. Continue doing this section by section until you have straightened your entire head. We are loving this look for fall!

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