Friday, September 7, 2012

Curls and Twirls

Help your guy appreciate his curly locks and wear them with pride! Curly hair and products have come a long way so don't be afraid! Ok so if your guy is a zero-maintenance type who has no interest in wrangling his curls each morning he should probably just go with a buzz. Simple and easy but still handsome (think Brad Pitt circa Ocean's 12).

If he's willing to put a little into his hair use this picture of Orlando Bloom for inspiration. Ask your Hair Stylist to cut the sides short with scissors (scissors are key! clippers won't do curly hair any favors), leaving the top longer. Throw a little Grooming Creme in damp hair and you're good to go!

If he’s up for a styling commitment, keeping his locks longer with loose tousled curls always looks amazing! Think Russell Brand on a good day. Bb. Defining Creme will work magic on long locks, smoothing, getting rid of frizz and helping define his curls. Pin It

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