Friday, July 6, 2012

Emma Stone Spiderman Updo

 Oh how we love Emma Stone and her ever changing hair (color and style)! We are super excited to be able to share how to get this updo with you. 

1. Start by spraying Prep all over damp hair and Thickening Hairspray on the roots. Then start applying Grooming Creme starting first on the ends and working your way up, it will protect your hair, add a natural-looking sheen and eliminate any frizz.
2. Make a deep side part before blow drying with a flat brush (the Bumble and bumble flat brush is our favorite). You don't want to completely eliminate the texture in the hair, you want it to have movement and body and not look super sleek. It's more important to focus on drying the hair and take away all the frizz. 
 3. Once the hair is dry, spray Spray de Mode Hairspray on your hair to give it a little bit of texture and grip, for when you pull your hair up. 
4. Pull your hair to the nape of your neck and twist it into a little knot, tucking the ends under, and cross two bobby pins to hold it. You want the bun to look simple, not too perfect or overdone. 
5. Once you have the style pinned and secured, spray some Spray de Mode hairspray onto your fingertips and rough up the hairstyle a bit with your fingers. Randomly and loosely pull at the hair at the top of the head to give it a bit of extra body and free up the texture.
 6. Finish by spraying the entire head again with Spray de Mode hairspray and finish with a light spritz of Shine on Finishing Spray. You can add a hair clip or brooch to the side and back of the knot for extra glam.
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