Thursday, May 17, 2012

Recipe for Success

You leave the salon with amazing, luscious, locks but we all know it's much easier said then done when it comes to styling your hair the same way at home!
How to get a good blowout
The Brush: It really does matter what kind of brush you use to blow dry your hair, it must be quality! You need a four bristle round brush. At Salon K we use the wooden Spornette brushes and the Bumble and bumble brushes. Also, the brush needs to be big, almost too big. The bigger the brush the bigger the volume.
The Sections: Sometimes it seems like a nuisance to section out your hair but it really makes blow drying it easier and quicker in the long run. It's crucial to section your hair out in as many pieces as possible.
The Dryer: Again, it must be quality. It's hard to spend a pretty penny on an expensive blow dryer but you really will notice a world of a difference! You need the power and the heat. Start at the front (but don't neglect the back) and make sure you are working every section dry. You don't need to start using a brush until your hair is 80% dry. Our favorite brands are Babyliss and Chi.
Straight Hair: Bumble and bumble's Thickening Hairspray and Grooming Creme are a must!
Curly Hair: Thickening Hairspray if you need volume, Straight Blow Dry is a miracle for straightening and Defining Creme if you want to stay curly. Pin It

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