Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bumble South

Last night we had a Surf Spray event at the salon with all the stylists. We learned all about Surf Spray, new ways to use it and products to accompany it. We Surf Spray inspired snacks (gummy worms, sharks, fish, salt water taffy and goldfish crackers, oh my!). We took what we learned and practiced on models. 

 Beachy Volume by Heather Mcallister and Cambri Christensen. Stylist tip: You can add more Surf Spray the next day to make this look last. Spray it in your hands, rub your palms together and rake your fingers through waves for a messier, broken down finish.

Sexy Definition by Adi Forsman and Brittney Black. Stylist tip: Once hair is dry, add some more Grooming Creme for moister, more flexible texture – it feels like salt water with a little suntan lotion.

Windswept Softness by Ashley Bramwell and Kali Harris.Stylist tip: This is the combo you want to use before heading to the beach or outdoors. Surf Spray for a tousled texture and Styling Balm for moisture, control and UV protection.
Surf Spray is a definite must for this summer!
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