Saturday, October 8, 2011

Twist and Shout

Every season, we scour the fashion runways with the hope of spotting brilliant new ‘dos and inspiration. We spotted quite a little gem at the Dolce & Gabbanna show during Milan Fashion Week, where they created a classic twist inspired by Italian actress Sophia Loren. To create the look:
1} Spray Thickening Hairspray to damp hair and rough dry without a brush (to maintain natural texture) until hair is 90 percent dry.
2} Next, apply Styling Wax throughout the front of the hair to enhance natural movement and let it air dry the last 10 percent.
3} Beginning at the nape of the neck and working upwards, backcomb the hair for added texture.
4} Finger comb hair back away from the face and pull hair back into a French twist, securing with bobby pins. Make sure to keep the hair loose around the face (not pulled back too tight), so you can see the natural movement of the hair texture. Finish with Spray de Mode hairspray. Pin It

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