Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Water for Elephants Hair

We saw Water for Elephants a few weeks ago but we still can't stop thinking about the hair and costumes! Reese embraces the classic Hollywood beauty of the 30’s as a circus performer, her finger waves and pin curls were so well done and she looked absolutely beautiful!
The easy way to get Reese's waves is with a 3-barrel/Marcel curling iron, it will give you the general look of her hair but it will be a more perfect wave. If you're looking to get her exact look you're going to need to go old school! If you google "finger wave tutorial" you will get a lot of videos or step by step picture tutorials of how to use your fingers and some product to get her look.We also loved the men's hair. Super short on the sides and longer on top. Robert Pattinson kept it messy while working during the day, sleek and shellacked to the side during the night. We are all loving an updated version (George Clooney pulls of this look well) of this look on our male clients. So classic and handsome!
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