Friday, October 15, 2010

Super Star Travis Speck Shares his Fashion Week Secrets

Sure, the clothes are always the main attraction at the shows during Fashion Week, but the hair and makeup come in a very close second. It's no secret that designers rely on a team of hairstylists to help them with the all-important task of translating their visions and inspirations into a dramatic 'do. However, very few people probably know how much time and energy goes into the process. Travis Speck, one of Bumble and bumble's editorial stylists, leads several shows during Fashion Week each season. He gave PAPERMAG the rundown on his creative process, his favorite shows to style, and he even shares his most harrowing hair-related horror story.
About how long are your days during Fashion Week?
Usually at least 12 hours!

How long in advance do you create the hairstyles for each runway show?
Anywhere from one week to one day before.

On average, how many shows do you style over the course of Fashion Week? Name a few of your favorites.
I lead a few shows every season and assist on between fifteen and twenty shows total in New York and Paris. My favorites have been Vivienne Westwood, Martin Margiela and Shipley & Halmos (which I was lead stylist on).

How large is your backstage team of stylists?
On each show, there are between five and ten stylists, but Bumble and bumble has an army of about 50 stylists that work during Fashion Week.

Which hair style is the most time consuming?
Applying extensions is very time consuming!

Tell us about your most troublesome hair creation for a fashion show. Are there certain styles that are more difficult than others?
Usually the most complicated styles are the ones that look the simplest. There's less room to hide an error in a basic style -- every little bit counts.
Do you have any backstage hair-related horror stories to share?
I was working on a show in Paris and some of the models began showing up with glitter in their hair! We had to shampoo them all and there was only one sink with freezing cold water.

What products/tools will you never be caught without during a show?
Curling Irons, a Blow Dryer, Bumble and bumble Spray de Mode

What's the thing you look forward to most once Fashion Week is over?
A mani-pedi at Rehoboth Spa with my favorite lady, Mya.
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