Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mara Braid Tutorial

A few weeks ago we did a photo shoot with a local swimsuit company that requested lots of different braids. As we were searching for inspiration we came across the picture above, a runway photo from the Mara Hoffman show, and we instantly fell in love! Now on the what you care about, the tutorial!

We love this braid for its versatility! This braid works great on second day hair but if you need to add texture spray hair with Bumble and bumble Surf Spray for grip and texture.
1. Leave a side section of hair out and braid or fishtail hair part way {you can change up how much hair you braid according to your liking, as shown in the pictures above}. Secure with a small hair tie.
2. Wrap loose section of hair up and around the top of the braid. Secure with bobby pins.
3. Finish the braid/fishtail and secure with a small hair tie. Deconstruct the braid by pulling it apart to give it a wider, messier plait. The messier the better!
4. Finish with Bb. Spray de Mode Hairspray for a light hold.
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