Friday, June 15, 2012

The Perfect Blow Dry

How to get The Perfect Blow Dry:
1. Make sure you start with a great shampoo (ask your Salon K stylist which Bumble and bumble shampoo is the best for your hair type)- it's important to start with very clean hair. Oily or dirty hair will not blow out nearly as nice or last as long as freshly washed, clean hair. Also, start with towel dried hair  (dripping wet hair makes it SO MUCH HARDER!). Spray hair with Bb. Prep and comb through hair to take out any knots.
2. Styling products are a must! Good, quality, products (like Bumble and bumble) make a world of a difference.
3. Use clips to divide the top area of your hair into 3 one-inch sections to your crown,. Then clip your hair on either side of your temples and section out the back. The more sections you have the easier it is and the more control you will have.
4. Dry your bangs first, it will go a long way to perfecting your blowout. Use a medium-sized round brush (we love the wooden handle, boar bristle Spornette ones), roll your hair up to the ends, then down to the root.
5. Repeat this motion until your hair is completely dry. Leaving any moisture in your hair will cause frizz. For added volume you can leave the round brushes in your hair or use large Velcro rollers, and let the hair cool completely before removing. Repeat this process throughout your head.
6. After all your sections are good and dry, use your fingers and dryer to gently remove any lines of demarcation that may have occurred.
7. Our favorite blow dryer brand is Babyliss. A great blow out can last for days, and make sure you allow yourself at least a good 30-35 minutes to achieve a great blow out at home. It may seem like a long time but it will last much longer than if you rush it and it will look better! Extend your blowout even longer with Bb. Hair Powder (it will get rid of your natural oils). Pin It

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