Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Most Loved

Bumble and bumble's most loved (squeezed, sprayed, pumped and styled).

Sumotech, Surf Spray, Thickening Hairspray, and Hair Powder are some of the most loved products among Salon K's stylists and clients. What Bumble and bumble product (or products) do you love most?

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JenniferKaryn said...

So Karisa, I'm really intereted in the surf spray...and I know you've done blog posts with how to use it... can you direct me where to go? I would have no idea how to style hair using it, but I'm really curious about it. Maybe next time you do my hair you can show me too :)

Karissa and Mik said...

hey jennifer if you go to and find surf spray in their product section they have a little section where they give you recipes on how to use the product in your hair. its great for that "just out of the ocean" look, its gives you a matte, messy look. i can definitely show you next time youre in too. let me know if you have any more questions!