Monday, December 7, 2009

Product Spotlight: Bb. Gel & Gellac

Bumble and bumble has 2 different gels to choose from.
First up is Bb. Gel. It molds firm and shiny shapes but can also brush into soft yet still-shapely forms. It's alcohol free and will not flake!
HOW: work a small amount through hair (add more as necessary); style and let dry; brush through for a softer look.

The other Bb. gel is Gellac. This is a sure-hold gel-lacquer freezes shapes with a sculpted, glistening finish- no movement and no brushing it out until you wash it out! It's also flake free.
WHO: anyone who wants hair to REALLY stay put
HOW: Start sparingly and increase as needed; work a small amount through towel dried hair (the drier the better) and sculpt, mould, spike or slick. Pin It

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